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BRATSの現在地/ BRATS Moves to The Next Stage!


第3章『拡充期』(2022~   ):グローバルな視点でより多くのネットコンテンツを制作。

この第3章を告げたのは、昨年末から今年1月末まで行われた『NEW MUSIC VIDEO制作応援プロジェクト』と銘打ったクラウドファンディング企画でした。




BRATS has now entered the Third Stage of their evolution.
The history of BRATS activities continues, and the current activity period is set as Chapter 3.

Chapter 1  “Genesis” (2011-2015): Born as an idol band.
Chapter 2  “Awakening Period” (2016-2021): Awakened as a rock band and developed energetic live activities.
Chapter 3  “Expansion Period” (2022-): Producing more online content from a global perspective.

Chapter 3 started with a crowdfunding project called “New Music Video Production Support Project”. The campaign began at the end of last year and ended in January this year.
The project was a tremendous success, significantly exceeding the goal and achieving 150%.

Fans from 12 countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, and Taiwan, participated in this campaign.
In addition, BRATS’ SNS has many followers in Central and South America, from countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru.

Due to the band’s popularity overseas, BRATS has decided to communicate with music fans through the internet more than ever and challenge the music industry with exciting and innovative new content!

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