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MV「BRATS × Mao Nakada – どうだってよかった (Doudatte yokatta) – Anime ver.」をYouTubeにて公開! – BRATS Official

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MV「BRATS × Mao Nakada – どうだってよかった (Doudatte yokatta) – Anime ver.」をYouTubeにて公開!


そして、そのアーティストやクリエイターの視点からMUSIC VIDEOを制作しました。 この企画は不定期に継続したいと思います。

Elena Egorova (LENALYOLIK)とコラボレーションした第1弾に続く、第2弾は日本画家で版画家の中田真央氏です。

彼女の今までとは違う手法で作成したイラストを使用したMUSIC VIDEOとなりました。

デジタル加工と編集を担当したのは、BRATSのMUSIC VIDEOで度々お世話になっている”ひよこファイターmusic”の太田明彦氏です。

We wanted to express the music of BRATS in a different way, by focusing on the listener’s interpretation of the songs that BRATS create as artists, so we launched a project to collaborate with artists and creators in different fields.

And we made this MUSIC VIDEO from the viewpoint of the artist and creator.

We would like to continue this project regularly.

Following the first collaboration with Elena Egorova (LENAL YOLIK), the second video is from Japanese painter and printmaker Mao Nakata.

It became a MUSIC VIDEO using illustrations created by her unique method.

Akihiko Ohta of “Hiyoko Fighter Music”, who is often involved with BRATS’ MUSIC VIDEOS, was in charge of digital processing and editing.


【Comment from Mao Nakada (中田真央)】





Of all the girls I’ve drawn so far, it was my first challenge to draw such a powerful facial expression.

Also, since I usually draw by hand on Japanese paper, the content and colors of the picture are stronger than usual.

When I listened to the BRATS song, I imagined a strong woman, but at the same time I felt the danger of instability, and I wanted to show her strength and weakness.

The girl in the illustration is not Rei Kuromiya, Aya Kuromiya, or anyone, but she is a fictional character who could be anyone.


■ Mao Nakada (中田真央) profile

日本画家/版画家 Japanese painter / printmaker





Completed the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tama Art University in 2006.

She has exhibited at group exhibitions since she was a student, held solo exhibitions at Galleria Graphica Tokyo and Galerie Chêne Tokyo, and participated in art fairs in Japan and overseas.

She uses colored pencils and acrylic to create transparent woodblock prints with boys and girls as motifs.


【Comment from Rei Kuromiya (黒宮れい)】




I was looking forward to seeing what the MV using the illustrations would look like in this first challenge.

It fits the song very well and I feel it opens up new possibilities.

I like the facial expression in the chorus.


【Comment from Aya Kuromiya (黒宮あや)】



This is BRATS’s first MV using illustrations in collaboration!

The picture is beautiful, it’s really cool, and it’s cute, so everyone should see it!


BRATS – どうだってよかった (Doudatte yokatta)

BRATS – “どうだってよかった (Doudatte yokatta)” (Jan. 10, 2021) – Limited Audience Live

BRATS – “どうだってよかった (Doudatte yokatta)” Live at #Chord 2020.11.08

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