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MV「BRATS × Elena Egorova (LENALYOLIK) – 棘 (Toge)」をYouTubeにて公開!

まず、始めのコラボレーションは、BRATSのアルバム『Karma』のジャケットとインナーブックの写真を担当したフォトグラファーのElena Egorova (LENALYOLIK)です。

I wanted to convey the music of “BRATS” by incorporating the interpretation from the listener instead of the interpretation from “BRATS” side for the music of “BRATS”, so I launched a project to collaborate with creators from different industries.
I would like to continue this project irregularly.
The first collaboration is with photographer Elena Egorova (LENAL YOLIK), who was in charge of the jacket and inner book photos for BRATS’s album “Karma”.
The song she chose for her collaboration is “Toge”.
She was free to create videos with ideas, from shooting to editing.

shooting / editing:Elena Egorova (LENALYOLIK)


【Comment from Elena Egorova (LENAL YOLIK)】
“Toge” is my favorite song out of KARMA album, and to me, it is a story about someone, with whom a karmic relationships had to end.
And as a creator, It was a perfect time to work on this piece of work myself, to collaborate with BRATS with perfect time aligned and express my vision of this song.
It was fun to work with Rei, photograph her, and film for this project. Thanks to all the team. Hope you enjoy and feel this out.


【Comment from 黒宮れい – Rei Kuromiya (BRATS Vo.)】

I think everyone has a strong memory connected to a scent from their past.
When I encounter feelings like that, I get nostalgic.
I’m glad to be able to shoot the MV for “Toge” from LENA’s unique perspective.

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