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拍攝影片,一起加入『Ms. Downer』的MV吧!/ Send us your『Ms. Downer』video and join our music video!

請在自家客廳或臥室、任何您喜歡的地方,隨著BRATS『Ms. Downer』一曲,拍攝隨著音樂節奏享受的影像吧!
我們將會在募集到的影片中挑選幽默有趣的影像,放進『Ms. Downer』的MV之中。

From your living room or bedroom, pick anyplace you want and play our song “Ms. Downer”! Shoot a video of you guys enjoying it.
And please send us the video and join in our music video!
We want you to join from all over the world.
We would like to select cool and interesting videos from you guys, and we would like to use them in our music video and post it to YouTube!


[拍攝需求/ Condition]

影片須同步加入『Ms. Downer』的音樂。每隻影片時間長度以一分鐘為限。若場景或動作需要,可投稿一件以上之複數作品。


Video with sound while playing “Ms. Downer” (1 minute or less).
You can also post multiple video files, such as shooting in different situations and movements.
We would love to see as many videos as you can make!
Regardless of the shooting location, at home, other indoors, within the legal range considering the current situation, Any location and environment is OK.
With your family, with pets, using message boards, using musical instruments, etc.,The shooting method does not matter.
Feel free to send us fun videos!
Get crazy and have fun!
Selfies or any other shooting is fine!

BRATS members and staff will check the videos from everyone and choose their favorites!


[徵件時間/ Reception period]


Reception period will be: May 1, 2020 2:00 PM-June 1, 2020 11:59 PM

由此觀看『Ms. Downer』Official Audio 音源 。

You can play “Ms. Downer” Official Audio here.

>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8nXKECfP5E


[How to send]

Please follow the steps at the bottom of this page.
(Available from your smart phone and also your computer)

Step1:Select the video file you want to send.
Step2:Fill in your email address and message to BRATS members.
Step3:Click or Tap  “Confirm”

※Depending on your connection it may take some time to complete the transmission.
※Depending on the time of day, it may take some time for the transmission to be completed due to high traffic. In that case, please try again later.

Please send an explanation or message about your video to BRATS members.
We are very excited to check out your videos!



[注意事項/ Notes]

凡上傳影片投稿者,視為同意將影片重製、改作於BRAT的MV及相關衍生著作進行宣傳之用途,且此同意不得撤回。「BRATS Official」完成的MV及其相關宣傳物獨家享有完整之所有權利,包括著作人格權及著作財產權,「BRATS Official」得為各種形式之利用,上傳影片者應保證上傳之影片無侵害他人智慧財產權、肖像權或其他權利之情事,並已取得所有合法授權或同意。

If you post videos and participate in this project, please note the following:
All video contributors agree to grant all patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights or other property rights of the video content to be contributed when a video work is produced.  The uploader agrees that he/she is the owner of the content and has the sole right to license it to “BRATS Official”.

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